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Mikoko Pamoja
When Conservation Meets Development  It's a Big Win For All
Upstate NY EClub member, Julia Jung is sharing real life adventure with us today.  Julia attends Napier-Edinburgh University in Scotland, a sponsor of this project in Kenya.
This video tells the story of local Kenyan communities who participate in Mikoko Pamojam, 

a community-led mangrove conservation and restoration project in Gazi Bay, Kenya. It involves community-based policing of illegal mangrove harvesting, as well as the application of local expertise in mangrove planting.

Mangroves provide a wide range of ecosystem services, including coastal protection, nursery habitat for fish and water purification. Along with a wide range of associated ecological benefits including improved fisheries wildlife habitat and coastal protection, the project seeks to raise income from forest resources, including carbon credits and other income
generating activities such as beekeeping and ecotourism, for community benefit.

The project is managed by three groups: The Mikoko Pamoja Community Organization (MPCO) consists of representatives of Gazi Bay, specifically Gazi and Makongeni villages; The Mikoko Pamoja Steering Group (MPSG) which provides technical support to the MPCO; and the project coordinator, The Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services (ACES), a charity registered in Scotland.

The project is also responsible for planting thousands of mangrove seedlings in conjunction with the participating communities in Kenya.  

Please take a few moments and watch this video explaining the project and its use of carbon credits from the UN>




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