Posted by Dolly Jordan and Pepi Noble

'Positive Peace' Club Project Proposal

During the past few months Rotary International introduced the Positive Peace Academy in conjunction with Rotary strategic partner, the Institute for Economics and Peace.
What is the Positive Peace Academy? 
As described by Laurie Smolenski Outreach and development officer at the Institute for Economics and Peace, and Rotary Foundation alumna, The Rotary Positive Peace Academy is a training course to educate Rotarians on the IEP’s technical research on positive peace. The goal is to help Rotarians use these concepts to improve their peace building and development work in their own communities. 
The content was created by the IEP, but it has been developed with Rotarians in mind. It includes stories of Rotarians’ projects so Rotarians will be able to recognize themselves and their work as they go through the academy.
The back story - over the past few years our club transitioned from a traditional club charted in 1924 to the EClub concept of meeting electronically using various technologies making these types of meetings possible.
W have members in India, Mexico, Canada, and several United States.  Staying engaged with each other is a challenge sometimes.  We continue to do various projects around our hub communities but this does not always satisfy our global members.  This past Rotary year we were challenged by Frank 'Alaska' Quinn, our club president, to do self-directed service projects - excellent idea to recognize the service we each do every day but even I, a self-starter all my life, had trouble staying motivated without some interconnection with my club members.  Sure I see Rotarians almost everyday but not those from my club.
And then I heard from longtime friend and major self-starter, Dolly Jordan (club member from Boynton Beach, FL) who was asking about the Rotary Positive Peace Academy.  We talked about it for a long time, getting very excited about the possibilities:
What if each member signed up for the no cost, self-paced course??  It fit in with the direction our club follows - literacy, education, clean water, maternal and child health, helping children at risk.
We had a good basis in Peace also with Jaimen McMillan, director of Hands in Peace, an organization active in bringing peace festivals to children around the world and longtime club member.
We hope ALL our members will take a look at the videos below describing the Academy and guidelines.  AND get as excited as we are.
On July 1 I plan to sign up for the Rotary Positive Peace Academy and begin the journey to a deeper understanding of the meaning of positive peace.  I wonder where it will lead?
Join us.
Next week - the Rotarian Action Group for Peace
Here is more information about the Rotary Positive Peace Academy and a video describing the course content.
I plan to start the course on July 1, 2019.  Are you in?  I hope so.  Perhaps from this comes a new project or a revamp of an old project.  
Perhaps we could have some Zoom meetings to discuss our impressions of the course.  Face to face but on different continents.  a perfect EClub technology.