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Op Ed Edition - Consider This
One Person's Thoughts
In something of a spin on our usual Bulletin Weekly Activity and in the hope of involving more members,  this is the first Opinion-Editorial based story. 
Every week as I search for the perfect video or story I wonder who reads what is published.  Is it you?
Little history for our newer members or visitors - when we decided to transition from a traditional Rotary Club to a hybrid EClub format we formed a four-member team to work on the Weekly Meeting Activity through the Bulletin.  During the first year of the transition, things changed for that team (job changes, health issues, etc - you know, just life).  Although we've asked for ideas, and help with this, it's been a one person job for almost three years.
Also we asked our members to spend approximately 2 hours a month on the Weekly Meeting Activities and/or Community Service projects.   That's about 15-20 minutes a week.  The Write on the Wall feature helps the leadership determine participation or involvement.
I believe we've more than proved that an EClub format works since we've added 10 members in this time frame - members from all over the world.  People we never would know from places we never would visit.  How exciting!!  The club now numbers 21 with a potential new member in the wings.
Rather than rest on our laurels, I ask us all the question, "Where do we go from here?"  Some of you may be scratching your head and thinking "What is she talking about?"  Here's what:
Every time I click SEND to publish a Bulletin to each of you I ask myself these questions:
* Does anyone  read the Bulletin or watch the videos?
* Are our members engaged with each other or involved with their communities?
* How could we find out?
* What other technologies are out there to enhance our online experience?
* Why won't members write a comment on the Wall? (Note - I did hear from one member who reported that writing on the wall using a cell phone is impossible.  That has been resolved. )
* Should we go back to the traditional Rotary format of meeting weekly in person?
*What can we do to encourage members to answer emails that impact projects/dates?
By the way I think all Rotary clubs have many of these questions, whether online or traditional.  
We were on the cutting edge of bringing change to Rotary International and our District when we proposed the EClub concept and our success brings us to the brink of more change.  We have incredible resources from around the world - service projects we've never dreamed we could do;  people, young and old, whose lives we can improve; growth for ourselves and our families;  make peace possible.
Personally I'd like to see us gather together, either in person, Skype, conference call and brainstorm the possibilities.  They must be endless.  Thirty minutes of your time isn't too much when you consider all we might accomplish.
My challenge to you today is to write a comment on the February Wall with just one idea or thought.    It will be interesting to see who participates.
And on another note - HELP WANTED - our club has a FaceBook page and we need someone to help with posts and keeping us up-to-date.  We get 15-20 views a week and might be able to turn it into a membership tool. 
Note: the opinions expressed here are personal ones and do not express the opinions of club officers or directors or other members.
Would you like to write a position post or op-ed article - let me know.
Next week - February Club Assembly - Brainstorming online?  Is it possible?
Thank you
Pepi Noble
Write on the February Wall