To apply for membership in the Rotary E-Club of Upstate NY you must either be:
*  A Rotarian in good standing of another Rotary Club who is requesting a transfer, or
*   A potential member Recommended/Sponsored by a current member of this e-club or any other Rotary club, or
*   A Former Rotarian in good standing requesting membership in this e-club who shall provide a letter of recommendation from the previous club certifying membership and that all financial obligations have been fulfilled.
*   If none of the above, complete and submit this form leaving the "Sponsoring Member Information" and "Previous Rotary Membership" sections blank and you will be contacted by a member of the E-Club’s Board of Directors to set up a phone/Skype interview.
All applications are considered and voted on by the E-Club’s Board of Directors.
If you do not have a Sponsor, leave that section blank and you will be contacted for an interview as soon as possible after receipt of your application.
Invitation to Join Rotary E-Club of Upstate NY
(please read, complete and sign)
Name _________________________________________Date_______________
Name of Firm ______________________________________ Position_____________
Business  Address____________________City____________State________ ZIP_____
Home Address_______________________City____________State________ZIP______
Business Phone ________________Home Phone_______________Mobile___________
Email Address (inclusion in RI database)_______________________________________
Previous Rotary Membership  Y   N     Club Name ________________________________
Sponsor’s Name ________________________Sponsor’s Rotary Club ________________
Sponsor’s Relationship to Applicant _________ Sponsor’s Phone___________________
Spouse/Partner’s Name ____________________Employment Classification ____­­­­­­­­______
Each active member shall be an adult of good moral character and good business, professional and community reputation.
I, the undersigned, being familiar with the requirements for, and consideration of membership contained in the constitution and bylaws, make application for membership in the Mechanicville Rotary Club – active membership under the Classification _____________________.
I agree to pay the annual dues of $149.00 in accordance with the bylaws of the clubs.  I hereby give permission to publish my name and proposed classification.
Applicant’s Signature ________________________________________ Date___________
Remittance Received ___________________________________________RI Notified ____________
For Club Secretary:
____Previous membership certified by previous club ____Y  _____N (attach letter or certificate)
____Sponsor’s Recommendation _____Y_______N (attach letter)