Posted by Julia Jung
Hello and thanks for taking the time to fill out our Membership Application form.
To apply for membership in the Rotary E-Club of Upstate NY you must either be:
*  A Rotarian in good standing of another Rotary Club who is requesting a transfer, or
*   A potential member Recommended/Sponsored by a current member of this e-club or any other Rotary club, or
*   A Former Rotarian in good standing requesting membership in this e-club who shall provide a letter of recommendation from the previous club certifying membership and that all financial obligations have been fulfilled.
*   If none of the above, complete and submit this form leaving the "Sponsoring Member Information" and "Previous Rotary Membership" sections blank and you will be contacted by a member of the E-Club’s Board of Directors to set up a phone/Skype interview.
All applications are considered and voted on by the E-Club’s Board of Directors.
If you do not have a Sponsor, leave that section blank and you will be contacted for an interview as soon as possible after receipt of your application.
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