Learn more about the E-Club process 

                                    Understanding the E-Club Process from Rotary International

Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of District 7190 Upstate NY USA – that’s our long name but you can call us the Rotary E-Club of Upstate NY.  You probably know us best as the former Rotary Club of Mechanicville.  Our transition to a hybrid E-Club is complete and our club now hopes to provide a forum for current and future Rotarians to come together in an online format and serve the ideals of Rotary in projects at the local, regional and international level.  
We follow the RI prescribed typical EClub format of posting new meeting content on the website each week.  Members and guests select the meeting content or archived content, read and complete an interactive comment, and sign-up for a make-up.  Our interactive activity will be posted every Thursday for the following week. An average website meeting participation of 2 hours monthly is recommended.
We utilize RI videos from YouTube or Vimeo to provide different types of programs.  We already utilize FreeConferenceCalling.com for board meetings and planning sessions and have the ability to record those sessions and place on the website.  We will video tape projects for use on the website.
Attendance is recorded by the Club secretary from make-up meeting requests and sent electronically.  
We utilize Pay Pal so members and guests may use credit cards for donations and register for events.  
Socially we try to meet once a month for fellowship and fun at one of our member's location.  Times and locations vary by time zone and availability.  so sometimes you might meet in person in Stillwater, NY and another time you might Skype in to a get together in India.  Flexibility and love of an adventure are are key components to joining an EClub.